Synthesizing Lean & Low-Risk Investment Portfolios in Ethics and Transparency
Forecasting outcomes against obscurity responding to threats, taking advantage of opportunities
Shaping the Future through Value-Driven Acquisitions in life elements
Investing in the Building Blocks of Future Yachting and Maritime Innovations
Merging a Global Outlook, with a Local Presence hunting down inequality
Pulling the strings at the correct time being Strategy Marketing Puppeteers
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Shaping the Future through Value-Driven Acquisitions in life elements, Investing in the Building Blocks of Future Yachting and Maritime Innovations, Synthesizing Lean & Low-Risk Investment Portfolios in Ethics and Transparency, Merging a Global Outlook, with a Local Presence hunting down inequality.


“MB Monarch Conglomerate is filling the gap, sparking the future of the innovative investments”:

  • -To launch the proper time, as the current economic slowdown and recession in financial markets, proves to be an opportunity for cheaper investments and acquisitions of companies due to lower valuations.
  • -To identify and fill the gaps between viable market opportunities and trends, specifically addressing the green circle economy.
  • -To introduce a proactive strategic investment approach, in line with MB Monarch Vision and attract the attention of a group of companies. 
  • -To develop practical solutions for state leaders to create local economic growth and positive societal impact, independent of international affairs, as a result of collaboration with MB Monarch and its sphere of influence.

“MB Monarch is instituted as an investment vehicle, and seeks to become part of a larger private equity conglomerate, which would facilitate the injection of capital in the Holding.”

MB Monarch is a young entrant in the industry, driven by its forward-thinking approach to creating value and proactively managing portfolio investments. Fueled by its entrepreneurial spirit and by forging strategic partnerships with local and regional industries, MB Monarch is laser-focused on creating, identifying and investing in the technology, economy and company of the future, bringing investors, businesses, institutions and governments under its umbrella. To achieve this goal, MB Monarch is instituted as an investment vehicle, and seeks to become part of a larger private equity conglomerate, which would facilitate the injection of capital in the Holding. Such financial strategy would allow the parent conglomerate and MB Monarch to commit to its portfolio companies for the long term, with a dedicated and agile local team, whilst minimising risk for all shareholders. The creation and pursuit of lasting value starts with the right principles, and for MB Monarch, this can be summarized through its ‘excellence’, ‘people-first’ approach and ‘depth of expertise’. 



Visual companies as a demo in the demo presentation of MB Monarch.
The Conglomerate aims to become a parent holding business organization consolidating controlling shares in the following major businesses – Indicative yet suggested Operation Companies for the startup.


MB Monarch extends an open invitation to national or regional initiatives aiming at tackling corruption, mismanagement and poverty, seeking funding. These organisations need to address pressing societal and economic challenges, with a particular emphasis on poverty eradication and clean and transparent operations.

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